How to remove bubbles from a screen protector

Although scratching of smartphone screens in rare since most of the phones have gorilla glass which is considered scratch-resistant, it is not guaranteed that such screens can’t scratch or break. This is why a screen protector is very important, at least if you don’t always have extra bucks to keep replacing your screen.

If you hope to resell your current phone and make an upgrade at some point in the future, then you definitely need to have a screen guard to avoid reselling at a very low price due to scratches or broken screen.

One of the most frustrating issues with screen guards is the air bubbles that usually appear after installing the screen guard on the phone. This usually happens when the installation of the screen guard is not done well.

How to remove bubbles from a screen protector

If the bubbles appear on the screen guard edges, then they’re easier to remove than those in the middle of the screen.

Removing bubbles from screen protector edges:

sqeezing out screen protector bubbles

What you should do first is to use a credit card or your nails to press the bubbles towards the end of the edge.

If this doesn’t work, then continue with the following steps:

  • Place the phone on a flat surface like a table
  • Get a cotton swab and make it damp with cooking oil (vegetable oil or olive oil will work), but not to an extent that it’s dripping.
applying oil to a screen protector with a cotton swab
  • Gently slide the damp side of the cotton swab along the screen guard edge which has bubbles and make sure some amount of the oil enters the bubble space.
  • Then use a credit card or something similar and press the screen guard edge so that oil extends all over the bubble, do this gently so that you don’t damage the screen guard until the bubbles completely disappear.

This will remove any screen guard bubbles on the edges.

Removing bubbles from the middle parts of the screen protector

These bubbles are hard to remove without reinstalling the screen guard again.

  • What you should do first is to try and press the bubbles as you push them towards the edge. You can use your hand tips, nails, or a credit card.
  • If there are multiple bubbles, you will need to start with the biggest bubble, slide it to collect all the smaller ones, and then finally push it to the screen guard edge.

If that doesn’t work, then you’ll need to re-install the screen guard with the following steps:

removing a screen protector
  • Use a very slim plastic and move it horizontally along all the edges between the screen guard and the actual screen. (A razor blade can also be used but it should be horizontal to avoid any screen damage)
  • When you realize that the screen guard is getting loose, use your nails are gently pull it off the phone.
  • Clean the screen guard and the phone screen to remove any dirt and dust and then place it back on the screen.
  • Use a credit card to press starting from the middle of the screen, such that if bubbles are inevitable, they only appear at the edges where they can easily be removed.

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