New Facebook features you should know about in 2020

Many people all over the world visit Facebook daily. It is fun chatting with new friends, engaging to use and a great way to catch up on what’s going on in your friends’ lives.

We’ve seen more and more features coming up in the past years. One of the most recent is the redesign of the Facebook Logo.

Added features to Facebook means more fun and excitement while using the application.

You might be familiar with some of these features but never the less, read on, you might find a new tweak you didn’t know about

Here are some of the new Facebook features we managed to land our eyes on:

New Facebook features in 2020

Messenger’s new policy

Facebook messenger logo

Facebook announced changes to Messenger’s policies that will take effect on 4th March 2020. 

This is very important for businesses that use bots to send messages to their Facebook page subscribers.

Don’t worry about Promotional content, as you will be allowed to continue sending messages in a 24-hour messaging window. These messages may include promotional content.

The plus one, that allowed businesses to send one additional message to users after the 24-hour window with no longer work.

The most significant change is that only pages approved for subscription messaging will be able to send promotional content beyond the 24-hour window and these messages must be tagged with one of four tags: Human Agent, Post Purchase update, Confirmed event update or account update.

The launch of a new API for one-time notifications is here

Some users want notifications on messenger that they have chosen from where to come from.

For example, price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, an alert those tickets are available for sale, an alert that products are now available for sale, all of which are important for businesses.

Facebook is working on a new API that will support these use cases.

New Facebook features in Messenger kids

Facebook messenger kids

The Messenger Kids app was specifically made for families with kids and want to keep them safe.

It is made with features that give parents control over their children’s social life.

With the latest update, parents are now able to:

  1. View image and video history. Parents can see all the images and videos that their kids share with their friends. They can as well download them.
  1. Monitor chat history. This involves seeing both sent and received messages, whom the child chats with and how often.
  1. Download their kid’s information. This works just like the usual downloading of your information from the Facebook app. This information includes images, chat history, contacts and much more…
  1. Remote log out. Parents can log out their kids’ accounts from any of the devices they are using.

Facebook page Management history

Facebook page management history

Business pages are commonly managed by more than one person which means any one of the page managers can do anything on the page.

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Previously all page managers were viewed as one, you wouldn’t know who replied that rude comment to a customer.

The new Facebook page history feature provides information about whatever has been done by anyone.

Some older updates also include:

Face Recognition

Facebook face recognition

Previously Facebook had a feature called “tag suggestions”.

It worked in a way that it would recognize people’s faces and suggest to their friends that they tag them, but that is old news now.

The Face recognition setting is a direct replacement of “tag suggestions”. The way it works is it notices users when their likeness crops up in photos, even when they have not been tagged.

In addition to that, it recognizes if someone uses your photo as his or her profile picture.

It is a way of keeping us safe from identity theft by managing our appearances in tag suggestions as Facebook reported.

It is available to all users, along with an option to opt-out. Once you are opt-out, Facebook will not use face recognition to suggest that people tag you in photos.

When you log in to your Facebook account, the face recognition setting is already enabled by default (automatically). To disable it, you follow these three easy steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and then click on the small arrow down in the top right of the site for desktop/ laptop users.
    For mobile users, tap the hamburger icon at the top right corner.
  1. Tap on Settings, from the menu, then click Face recognition.
  1. Here, you can choose to turn Face recognition off or on


With the Facebook update, you can join together advert breaks of about 25 seconds into live videos and upload them to your targeted audience so that they do not miss a thing on new brands.

You do not have to be an expert to start advertising on Facebook.

All you need to do is choose your market objective, target audience, decide where to run the ad, pick a budget, format, place your order, then manage it.

Read this to start off with these In-Stream Video Ads

Group Video chat

Facebook video group chat

This new Facebook feature is a perfect solution to all messenger users who wish to stay connected and in touch with all their friends instantly at the same time.

With this, you can add about 50 friends to one video chat group.

This gets more interesting, it also comes with fun filters to keep the chats interactive and engaging.

Everything you need to know about the Group Video Chat in Messenger is here

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