Top 20 movie themes for Windows 10

In this article, I bring a list of the top 20 movie themes for Windows 10.

What is a theme?

A theme is basically a combination of graphical designs and images for the look and feel of a computer. Some people call them skins. Themes are designed in various categories for example car themes, artistic themes, and movie themes.

Having a cool theme makes a computer attractive and enjoyable for the user from business people to students, to home users, I mean who doesn’t want something nice. You basically need to show some love to your computer with a nice looking theme.

Over time, the Windows default themes have become so boring and unattractive. This has accelerated the development of new nice and attractive themes.

Movie themes are some of the most nice-looking themes that bring out the movie experience in form of graphical composition, altering all the design features from the desktop background, to the taskbar, to the window design, system sounds and the animations.

These themes save you the work of separately looking for desktop backgrounds, icon packs, sounds, and much more customization.

Best movie themes for Windows 10

Transformers theme

The Transformers theme is one of the most classic themes for a Windows 10 computer. Transformers is one of the most famous science fiction movies in America. If you’ve watched the previous Transformers movies, you definitely need to keep with the experience as you wait for the next parts. The theme is designed with 10 HD desktop background images so you don’t need to look out for background images. The theme has an astonishing grey color as its primary. Download here.

Pirates of the Caribbean theme

Our next theme on the list is the Pirates of the Caribbean theme whose design is based on one of the most famous movies, Pirates of the Caribean. Many movie lovers enjoyed this one to the extent that they’re asking to more parts of the movie. As we wait for the new parts, let’s have this cool Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Enjoy the nice looking desktop backgrounds of Jack Sparrow and a vast of more nice designs. Download here.

Harry Potter theme

Another simple yet cool theme is the Harry Potter theme. Harry Potter is a movie about the life of the young wizard (Harry Potter) and his friends who go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft. The Harry Potter theme is one of my favorites. I think it’s because I loved the movie so much that I didn’t want it to end. Who can forget that invisible entrance from the train station to Hogwarts school, LOL? This theme ships with 6 HD images that will attract your friends to your PC. A great color combination for the windows is not left out. You definitely need to see that Harry Potter looks on your screen. Download here.

Shrek theme

You will love the green scape. Shrek is one of the oldest movies in the list. It is an animated comedy movie that was released by DreamWorks in 2001. The name is based on the outstanding character, Shrek who made a deal with some corrupt Lord to rescue Princess Phiona. The theme is not only for kids, but it also caters to adults. Just try out that huge guy with funny ears on your screen. Download here.

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Captain America theme

If you’re the kind that likes superheroes, you’ll definitely love the Captain America theme, even more, better than the movie itself. Captain America is mostly known as the first avenger, the fans know what am talking about. Despite the movie storyline, Captain America together with his Astro shield is a featured character in a variety the Marvel Comic books which makes him very much liked by movie fans. The Captain America theme brings together all the movie scenes in a single collection. Download here.

Kung Fu Panda theme

Another cool theme is the Kung Fu Panda theme. The theme is based on Kung Fu Panda, an American animated film which was released in 2008. It’s about Po, a panda who always dreamt of learning Kung fu. His dream finally comes true as he is chosen by an ancient prophecy. He now has a duty to protect his friends from a powerful leopard. The theme brings out the most memorable scenes of the movie. Remember it carries all the humor for both kids and adults. Download here.

Megamind theme

The Megamind is another classic theme nice for your computer. Megamind is a superhero animated film which was released in 2010. A supervillain who fights a battle for a long time finally defeats a loved superhero called Metro Man and takes over Metro city. The supervillain eventually turns to do the right things. Get the storyline with the Megamind theme. Download here.

Alpha theme

Alpha is one of the newest themes that you want to try out. Alpha is an American adventure film released in 2018. It tells the story of a young man who gets separated from his people as they’re out hunting. He gets lost in the wilderness and has to survive on his own. He gets to meet up with a lone wolf with whom they’ve got to survive and get back home before winter comes. A pretty amazing story that you’ll get the same experience with the theme. Download here.

Ironman theme

can’t forget about the Ironman theme. Ironman is a fictional superhero film released in 2008. It tells the story of Stack (before becoming the Ironman) who gets injured and captured. He then designs this technology in form of a suite to aid him to escape. Before he knows it, he is a superhero saving people’s lives. The theme brings out all the scenes in HD images plus a cool accent distribution. Download here.

Game of Thrones theme

Game of Thrones theme

One of the most popular adventure television series. The Game of throne theme features all the characters all the way from John Snow to the Dragon Queen to the white walkers to all the noble families. One powerful game about Game of Thrones is being unpredictable. Let the theme cheer you up as you wait for the upcoming seasons. It features HD images that will be shuffled randomly. Try out this one. Download here.

Puss in Boots theme

Puss in Boots theme

Another animated but cool theme is the Puss in Boots theme. The theme is based on an American animated film released in 2011. A cat is famously known for his pair of boots. The theme features the most interesting scenes in HD pictures and a combination of accent colors that will give your desktop a whole bowl of humor. Download here.

Mission Impossible theme

Mission impossible theme

The theme is based on the American action series by Tom Cruize. The film tells the story of a small team headed by Hunt (Tom Cruize) under IMF orders to do the considered impossible missions. The theme combines all the series all the way from the first release in 1996. It includes a number of HD images from the most interesting scenes and mission accomplishments. Download here.

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Blank Panther theme

Black Panther theme

One of the newly designed themes is the Blank Panther theme. Blank Panther is a superhero film based on Marvel comics. It tells the story of a young who inherits rights from his dead father. He now has to rule the Wakanda empire and defeat his enemies. The theme tells the story with a combination of the film scenes. It’s worth a try. Download here.

Avengers Infinity war theme

Avengers infinity war theme

One of my favorites is this one. The theme is based on an American superhero movie by Marvel. The storyline of the Avengers as they try to defeat a supervillain, Thanos who wants to take over the world after he captures these powerful stones. The theme includes HD images and cool design that will give your screen a stunning look. Download here.

Justice League theme

Justice league theme

The theme is based on the Justice League, a 2017 superhero film based on DC comics. It brings out the whole storyline of the team of superheroes (likes of Superman, Batman, wonder woman, and other superheroes) against this threat to the world. With these High Definition images and a great graphical composition, you don’t want to miss out on this one. Download here.

The shape of water theme

The shape of water theme

The shape of water is another cool theme that you want to try out. Its based The shape of water, an American dramatic and love story movie released in 2017. A lady who falls in love with a captured Amphibian man and plots to aid him on the escape. The theme includes interesting and romantic HD images for your desktop background. Download here.

The Defenders theme theme

The defenders theme

The Marvel’s Defenders is the basis for the theme. Where the superhero characters, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil team up again a common enemy, The Hand. The theme covers all the humor in the series including an individual focus on the fictional characters. Download here.

Assassins Creed Theme

Assassins creed theme

One of the most famous movies based on a video game of the same name. The Assassins creed theme has a great look on the computer. For those who have played the video game, the theme looks exactly like the game. This describes how magnificent the theme is. It includes a number of great HD desktop background images. Download here.

Wonderwoman theme

Wonderwoman theme

The Wonderwoman theme is another superhero theme. Wonderwoman is a fictional superhero character featured in many DC comic books. The theme gives the experience of the movie itself, from the Amazonians training Diana (Wonderwoman) to the battles of Wonderwoman saving the world. The theme comes with HD images for the desktop background. If you enjoyed the movie, you’ll definitely like the theme. Download here.

Marvel comics theme

Marvel comics theme

I will wrap up with this one here. If you’ve not installed any of the previous themes, you definitely want to try out this one. The theme features most of the characters in the Marvel comic books with HD images. All the way from Thor Captain America, HIronmann man, Hulk all the others. The theme comes with a pointer pack for customizing the mouse pointer. It also includes an icon pack for customing desktop icons. The icons include Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s hammer, the shield budge, and Captain America’s Astro shield. Download here.


I think you’ve gotten the best theme for your desktop. We shall be occasionally updating the list with new themes.
If you think we missed out on our list, let us know in the comments.

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