Most used dating apps of 2020

A boy meets a girl, he falls hopelessly head over heels for her. He decides to pursue her and charms his way into her life. She can not resist but likes the tension the boy creates whenever he is around her, the feeling can not be described easily, it is an electronically charged emotional rollercoaster. They are now attracted to each other.

Dating is a period in romantic relationships whereby a couple, mostly a male and a female, meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a possible partner in a serious intimate relationship.

They say there are more women in the world compared to men, as much as that is great for the men to hear, one would wonder, hmm, and look around, but where are they? You can only see a lot of your fellow men out there. Thing is, you are not going to see a gang of women walking around together just because they out number men.

To meet women, you have to go to places where they are, and be a regular there. That begs the question, where are they, actually? Well, for starters, social places, you could try out malls, concerts, discos, or you could just simply start chatting with each random girl you meet and see where that takes you.

The above options may seem like they require putting in a lot of effort, needless to say. So, the easiest solution mankind has so far come up with is online dating.

You want to meet someone and see what happens next, so you dress up your profile, so do other various men and women who use the dating platform, all of you are looking for someone to go out with so you are all on the same page. Otherwise what else could you be doing on an online dating platform asides desire to date someone? That is the best thing about it, just sign up and get to meet with random fishes in the sea, you never know, you could meet the one destined for you.

Here’s a pick of the most used dating apps


Tinder app listing

This is probably the most used dating app considering it’s coverage all over the globe.

The big idea behind using the app is easy, just swipe right on a photo when you are interested in the person, and the swipe left if you are not. Let us say I swipe right on your photo, then you also swipe right on my photo, a match is made and then, I can start chatting with you.

It is as simple as that. Join Tinder now and widen the choices in your dating life.


  1. Tinder is easy to use, just swipe right if you are interested and left if you are not, how hard could that be?
  2. The app is popular and one of the most used dating apps, so it has a large user base, meaning there are lots of choices in any one’s dating life.
  3. Tinder is available to everyone to download and use for free.
  4. It has no time limits on messaging.
  5. The app is for all sorts of people looking for various kinds of relationships, from casual sex to one-night stands, to marriage and everything in between.
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  1. There are fewer people who use it in rural areas so it is better in urban areas hence the geographical constraint.
  2. It has better features that can be unlocked by a paid upgrade.
  3. It has more men compared to women, hence there is some stiff competition for attractive women.

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Bubble app listing

Bumble is a dating app that bestows the power upon the woman. With bumble, in order for the man to contact a woman, she has to have shown interest in him first. Just like Tinder, it uses the mechanism of swiping either right or left to show interest.

This is to all the guys who are cool with sitting back and letting the woman take charge of the interactions, so if you are a woman who likes to take the power back in the online dating world, then bumble is your choice.

If the guy doesn’t show interest in the lady within 24 hours, the match will cease to exist. Might not be for the procrastinators.


  1. Women are not overwhelmed with crazy messages since only they can initiate the conversations.
  2. Setting up an account is easy and straight forward.
  3. The frequency of men to women is equally distributed 50/50.


  1. Only women get to send the first message so, the man has to take on the female role.
  2. If a match is made and the woman does not send any message to the guy with in the first 24 hours, the match is lost.

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Grindr app listing

Grindr is a dating app for the LGBTQ+ community whose matches are made based on geo-targeting and its interface allows users to see when other users are online and how close in proximity they are.

You will see the available profiles within a specific radius. If you see a photo that tempts your fancy, tap on it to see his full photo, information, and how far away he/she is from you. 


  1. Grindr is one of the most used dating apps in the LGBTQ+ community. This means they’re a lot of fish in the sea.
  2. It is convenient for casual hookups.
  3. The app is easy to use.


  1. It is not that great for long term relationships since most people who use it are down for one night stands and casual hookups.
  2. Most people are ashamed of using it in public, if which they should not.

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Hinge app listing

Hinge can be described by two words, reliable and efficient in what it does. It is good for relationships, long term to be precise, do not get me wrong, it also offers casual hookups if you are looking for that.

The app makes dating easy and fun with the ideal experience. The company focuses on marketing the app as “The dating app designed to be deleted”, yeah it means get what you came for and leave.


  1. It is easy to use.
  2. The app is linked to your Facebook so there is more information to know about your matches.
  3. There are of higher odds of finding your future husband or wife midst using the app.
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  1. It has a paid version with more interesting features.
  2. It is not easy to find casual hookups when using the app.
  3. You can see the same matches over and again.

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Raya app listing

Raya is a dating app for celebrities, athletes, executives all of whom are single. For one to join, it depends on the anonymous acceptance committee who determines if you have that high-end quality, this mostly includes a big Instagram following, minimum of 6K followers.

In the sign-up process, one has to grant access to their Instagram so a check is made, then the app’s acceptance algorithm will decide your Instagram influence and how many other Raya members follow you.


  1. Before being added as a member, one is thoroughly assessed so expect meeting interesting and serious people once you have joined.
  2. When it comes to a monthly subscription, Raya is relatively cheaper compared to the other dating apps out there.
  3. Given the kinds of people who are using Raya, it could also be used for professional networking.


  1. Given the whole thing of assessing whether one meets the criteria of joining as a member, you will not find the same number of people using the app compared to other Dating apps.
  2. The idea of being accepted on the basis of your Instagram following has no correlation with how date-able you are.
  3. You might not find many users in areas with average normal people whose number of Instagram followers is not blowing up.
  4. It can only be used by iOS users

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