How to use System Restore in Windows 10

This is a guide on how to use System Restore in Windows 10.

System restore is a feature in Microsoft Windows 10 that allows the user to revert their computer’s state to a previous point in time.

It automatically reverts the changes that were made to a computer within the time of creation and the time of restoration that is; system files, Windows Registry, installed programs and system settings.

This feature allows a user to create a restore point from where they can roll back to revert previous changes in the computer state.

how to use system restore in windows 10

Creating a restore point is similar in all versions of windows. However, in some cases, windows can create system restore points automatically.

Step 1

To enable Windows to automatically create restore points, Press the start button >right click on computer icon> properties.

computer properties

From the properties window, select System protection.

system protection to create windows system restore

From the new window, navigate to the System Protection tab and click Configure.

configure windows system restore

For Windows 7, check Restore system settings and previous versions of files.

turn on automatic windows system restore windows 7

For Windows 10, check Turn on system protection.

The max usage slider shows how much of the hard disk is used for system restore.

Irecommend keeping the max usage between 5 – 10%. Click Apply to save the settings

turn on automatic windows system restore windows 10

Step 2

To create a restore point manually. Instead of clicking configure, click on create and give the restore point a name. Creating the point may take several minutes but be patient.

create windows system restore point

How to use System Restore in Windows 10 to return to a created restore point

To return to a created restore point, open the System properties window by pressing the start button, search for “system restore”.

From the System properties window, you can choose either a recommended restore point or choose a different restore point to find your preferred restore point.

Additionally, you can scan for infected programs and probably uninstall them manually. Otherwise, you can check the restore point and confirm.

The process takes several minutes depending on your computer’s capabilities.

windows system restore

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