How to keep earphones safe

As each day passes by in this modern era, technology impresses us with more and more cool gadgets, machines and others. Be it the latest iPhone, Samsung, TV, it all gets us excited with the burning urge of getting our hands on them.

And finally, after purchasing that dream gadget or accessory, the first few hours of you using it leaves you in awe, amazement, you’re in the moment, time seems to slow down.

If you like it so much, you wouldn’t want anyone else to touch it until you get enough of it at least so that after you can start sharing and not giving too much of a deal about what distance apart it is from you or where exactly in the house it is.

The accessories specifically talked about here are the earphones, the convenient phone accessory that allows you to zone out of the outside world, and tune into your own world where you can enjoy your music, videos, among others all by yourself.

When you get the right earphones to use, they are comfortable to use. The comfortable ones have buds with thick padding that does not hurt the ears.

Not only that, but earphones do also add a bit of style to your fashion given they come in different designs. You can also match the color of the clothes you’ve put on with your earphones henceforth putting you at the top of your game.

As nature dictates, nothing lasts forever, as much as we would want some things to, it could have been nice if Jesus stayed on earth with us, but his purpose got fulfilled and just like that, 30 glorious years down the road, he had to fly up into the clouds back to the all-father, God.

The length of time in which any machine works depends entirely upon you. Some people tend to use machines excessively to the extent they burn out, give up, and stop working indefinitely.

The fair thing to do for ourselves is to maintain our accessories and enjoy their benefits altogether. So, in this case, how are earphones maintained and kept safe?

It is not like they can actually be serviced, or be taken for repair, maybe that can happen, but very few people actually take earphones to be repaired, most of us just throw them in the bin, they have served their purpose well.

How to keep earphones safe and last longer

Clean your ears.

cleaning ears

With due time, earwax forms inside the ears and this could easily accumulate in the speakers of your earphones thereby leading to a deterioration in the sound quality.

Generally cleaning our ears is a good habit, not doing it added to you using earphones regularly can increase the odds of catching ear infections.

Cleaning your ears regularly is quite easy, no hustle actually. Whenever you are bathing you can use one of your wet fingers, fix it gently in the outer ear and smoothly pass it around as you’re removing some dirt or wax.

If this is inconvenient, there are always earbuds that are more comfortable to use. In this way, both your earphones and your ears stay clean. As they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Store them safely

earphones case

When you are done using your earphones, keep them in a case, usually the one they came in with.

Most earphones come with their own case and in instances where you lack one or you lost or misplaced the case they came in with, you can always find something safe to store them in. Just roll them in loose coils and keep them there.

You can always buy earphones from an online or local store.

If you seem to lack a good place to keep your earphones then rolling them loosely around the phone is a good and safe place, try it.

Use sound enhancing Apps instead of high volumes

sound equalizer
Digital Trends

In case you need or require more sound out of your earphones, there are apps in the store out there that will alter the sound signature of your earphones thereby increasing the quality of sound.

If you dislike the way your earphones sound in the first place, the app will not do much for your desires, but it can offer you some useful features which could be of great help to improve the quality of your earphones’ sound.

It’s as easy do as tweaking the bass, so look for a multi-band EQ application. What this sort of app will do is make sure to take your mobile device’s audio output through various adjustable EQ bands.

A balanced feature of EQ apps is that it has various presets based on different music genres like pop, rock among others. Though at times it’s beneficial to customize it yourself and create a better experience based on the sound needs that you consider best.

Avoid the pockets.

earphones kept in a pocket

Keep away from putting the earphones and carrying them around in the pockets.

In doing this, hard twists can be difficult and annoying to undo form and there is are very high odds of being damaged by stuff in your pocket at that time. This messes the sound up.

The hard twists are the major causes of breaking earphones so you would want to avoid that as much as possible.

Regulate the volume

It is not new listening to really loud music at a high volume can damage the ears. It can also blow up the speakers, and as a result, spoils the earphones.

According to experts, the maximum volume that is good for earphones is 70% of the volume scale or 85 dB (db stands for decibels which is a measurement for sound).

If you exceed this at rare occasions, do not exceed 15 minutes while listening.

Put them aside before bedtime

Moving over and about in your comfortable bed with your while sleeping with earphones in your ears can snap or bend. All you have to do is place them aside before snoozing.

Remember hard twists increase the chances of breaking.

Unplug after usage

The thing about leaving the earphones attached to your phone can result into damage. The cord can be pulled instantly from the jack, thereby causing the copper cord inside to break.

The solution to this is unplugging your earphones immediately after their usage that will protect the audio connector and the delicate area where the cord connects to the jack.

Clean the earphones

To do this, remove the rubber buds, clean them out with a damp soft towel.

After this, you can use a toothpick dipped in water to remove all the wax, dead skin cells and dust from the inner areas of your earbud.

After cleaning the earphones, clean the headset jack of your phone, PC and any other device where you plug your earphones.

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