How to enable the Windows 10 dark mode

Now this one here is for the dark theme lovers. It seems dark themes are trending these days. You’ve all seen the popular applications adapt to this dark thing. We’ve seen Microsoft edge’s dark theme, twitter, Reddit and many more applications.

Microsoft too doesn’t seem to get done with the new features in Windows 10. Fortunately for people like me who like dark themes, Windows 10 now also has the dark mode starting with the 1809 update. We first saw this dark theme in the insider preview build 17666.

This article will walk you through steps how to enable the Windows 10 dark mode

With this feature, you can completely change the look of your Windows 10 including the file explorer, settings, groove music, and other supported apps.

However, if don’t dark themes, I suggest you check this one out, you might just like it. This will free you from the eye strain from bright screens.

Follow these steps to enable the Windows 10 dark mode

Dive into your settings. If you can’t get to settings, open the Windows start menu and click on the settings icon in the bottom left corner.

From the settings menu, locate and click on PersonalisationWindows 10 personalisation settings

Click on Colors from the left menu

Scroll down to Choose your default app mode as dark.How to enable the Windows 10 dark mode

To make the dark mode cooler, you might need to change the accent color. 

To change the accent color, scroll up to the Choose your color section and choose.

Something to note though. The dark theme will only be applied to the file explorer only if you’re running Windows 10 version 1809 or above.

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