How to clear WhatsApp used space without losing chat history

The notification message that says “Phone storage is low” is a frustrating one.

If you’re one of those holding the high-end phones of 128GB of storage or more, this might be news for you.

For low-end phones, this is a common problem.

Freeing up space would be no problem if you actually had what to delete.

Sometimes you will get this message even when you’ve stored no large files on your phone but simply because of the data piled by the installed applications.

One of the applications that take up a massive portion of the storage space is WhatsApp.

When you sum up all the media files you download from WhatsApp, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Android phones provide a default method with which you can clear an application’s data.

The default process clears all the application data and therefore it is not ideal if you want to keep the chat messages. In the next section, I show you an ideal process in which you can delete WhatsApp data and also keep your chat history.

Here’s how to clear WhatsApp used space without losing chat history

Whatsapp provides a mechanism that allows managing data stored in your device.

You can delete specific kinds of data from a specific individual.

Here’s how:

Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the application

Open Settings

opening whatsapp settings

Click on Data and storage usage

opening whatsapp data and storage usage settings

Open Storage usage on the next screen

opening whatsapp storage usage

Here you can see all the chats that have used up your storage space

This gives you the authority to clear only that data that’s irrelevant. This could be media from irrelevant groups.

Click on a chat whose data you want to clear.

whatsapp chats occupying storage space


free up whatsapp chat space

Here you can unmark Text messages and mark all the other data to get cleared and then click DELETE ITEMS

marking whatsapp chat data to delete

Mark Delete starred messages and confirm the deletion

confirming whatsapp data deletion

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