Grammarly keyboard app for Android (Grammer checker)

We have all been in that situation where you are typing a really important message, word by word.

In each moment you are cautious, remembering all the correct spellings taught to you, or the ones you have taught yourself, letter after letter, words are being formed and in the end, you are all done.

All you have got to do now that you are done with typing this important message is to send it to the intended person.

Each person is different in their own unique way. Some of us after this cautious careful writing will immediately send the message without even blinking, given you have followed all the correct steps. I mean you were using your mind cautiously, what could have gone wrong?

Then some others among us are too cautious. It gets annoying at times, after all the mental work being done, you are looking at your perfectly crafted message. You know it is perfect, you wrote each word carefully, but you still have doubts before sending the message.

So, what do you do? Not rewrite it from scratch, of course! But re- go through every single word written as if you were the receiver reading the message, making sense of what it is saying.

During this period, you may find out maybe you forgot a full stop on a sentence, or perhaps a comma, or even a misspelled word, or best scenario, none of that, but you have discovered a better word for one that is in your typed message.

Writing takes time, you have to think of the words you are going to write.

You have to think of the person you are writing to whether they’ll understand the message you are trying to put across.

You have to remember punctuation in time where it needs to be, and so on. So you write, then you are done, and then again you have to make sure you have not made any typing errors by going through what you have typed, which also takes time.

No person intends to make typing errors while typing, it just happens. You may be looking at it as you are typing but in your mind, you are thinking of the next word to be written. Or even the keyboard auto-corrects your intended word to something else.

Reading a message that has errors makes us think differently about a person, perhaps they were not educated well enough, or maybe they were in a hurry, or something else.

My point is, it is not so appealing to see mistakes in messages, even if you were the one who typed it, you would not be so pumped up about it. In any case, it could have been avoided in the first place even before typing your first letter.


Grammarly is a tool that makes it easy for people to write.

For starters, it can be installed in browsers, for instance, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and also on Windows computers.

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It can automatically inspect any writing.

While using this extension, a lot of people can enjoy the free services of Grammarly, for example, correction suggestions and word suggestions. Not only that, but they can also double-click a word on any webpage to see its definition.


  • Among those who would like to have your own editor, Grammarly comes with a keyboard application for smartphones. It is available in the Android store and also available for iOS users, which makes it convenient since phones are used to do almost everything these days.
  • Grammarly aids in helping you in not only writing mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other apps you use, but also in text messages and any document.

With more benefits realized as one uses Grammarly, this is how to install Grammarly on Android and use it in your everyday life:

How to install Grammarly on Android

For one to get started, with installation, go to the Google Play Store on your Android phone and install the app on your device.

In the event you already have a Grammarly account, choose login and enter your login information. Otherwise, create a Grammarly account.

Once you are done with that, follow the installation instructions, click on the “Enable in Settings” button switch Grammarly keyboard on.

Tap “Switch Input Methods”, then select “Grammarly” keyboard.

switching on grammarly keyboard after installation

Go to any app that has a text field and tap on any text field.

If you see the green Grammarly logo at the top left corner of your keyboard, then Grammarly is successfully activated

Grammarly keyboard logo

If you do not yet see the green Grammarly logo, long-press the space button and select Grammarly from the list.

Grammarly in play:

Let’s say you’re using a chat app, and then you type a sentence, “Your not fine” The app lets you know you’ve used a word incorrectly by showing a red icon on the Grammarly logo.

You can then click on the logo to see the error and then fix it with the suggestion provided.

In this case, the first word starting the sentence, “Your” is supposed to be “You’re”, as shown below:

Grammarly word correction

Talk about typing with no worry on your mind.

It’s like when you have opened your browser to search for something. Then while starting to type or halfway through it, the search engine suggests what you are looking for exactly. Grammarly likewise does this from any typing area on your phone.

Another interesting feature in the app is its ability to suggest better words to be used in place of one typed by you. I mean who wouldn’t want the best?

Let’s say you type, “You’re awesome”, the app pulls up some synonyms for awesome. You could pick a better word to use among those synonyms being shown to you. Here we have tremendous, incredible, and more…

Grammarly synonym suggestion

Did you know you could swipe with Grammarly? Yes, it gets better. Swiping words on a keyboard is fun and it’s relaxing compared to typing letter by letter. It is also a faster way of coming up with words as you’re typing. What more could you ask for?

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Best of all, Grammarly can be used in all your favorite apps.

Grammarly’s cool features to be enjoyed are:

  1. Plagiarism checking

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker spots plagiarism from a majority of web pages and also from ProQuest’s academic databases. Simply, what it does is inform you if your text contains duplicate content or not.

  1. Grammar checker:

What Grammarly’s online grammar does is scan one’s text for all sorts of mistakes, among these are typos to sentence structure problems and beyond.

PS: I used Grammarly when writing this 🙂

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