If you’re a movie lover just like me, you definitely need a perfect place where to find all your favorite tv series and shows. However, you can hardly find websites with all tv series provided at a free cost.

Well, Todaytvseries2 saves you the money. You can download all favorite tv series from this site at a free cost. They have their monetization strategy concentrated on ads, in order to keep them going.

I recently wrote an article about downloading tv series from o2tvseries and it has a lot is similar to Todaytvseries2.

Unfortunately, for most people, Todaytvseries2 has turned out to be frustrating as people spend a lot of time looking for download links.

Some people are fortunate that after this hustle of looking for a download link, they finally land on the right link, but for most of the people, even after this hustle, they fail to get the right download link. This is quite frustrating.

Today am saving you the time you spend looking for download links on todaytvseries2. This is a step by step guide to take you through downloading your favorite tv series and shows from Todaytvseries2.

Steps to download tv series from Todaytvseries2.com

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Download and install IDM(Internet Download Manager)

You can skip this step in case you have IDM already installed on your computer.

IDM is one of the most famous programs used for downloading files. It makes downloading series from todaytvseries easy and faster by capturing download links from the site.

To download IDM, head over to their official download page and get the latest version of the software.  

Install Google Chrome or Firefox browser

You can skip this step in case Firefox is already installed on your computer.

I mostly recommend using Google Chrome because unlike other browsers, Google Chrome has full support for all the IDM extension versions. Download Google Chrome or Firefox.

Continuing with the IDM installation, after the download is complete, double click on the program to begin installation and follow the onscreen instructions until the installation process is done.

Integrate IDM into your browser

Close your browser and open the newly installed IDM executable file.

Locate and click on the settings icon from the top menu.

Check the boxes:
Launch Internet Download Manager on startup
Use advanced browser integration
Capture downloads from the following browsers(Check your browser)

IDM browser integration

Enable IDM extension

Open Google Chrome or any other browser you’re using.

It’s most likely to ask prompt you to enable the IDM extension. If displayed, click on the orange warning in the top right corner of the browser and enable the extension.

To check if the extension was successfully installed, open the browser extension settings as shown below:

For Google Chrome

  • Click on the Chrome hamburger menu icon.
  • Select More tools from the context menu and click Extensions from the submenu.
  • Confirm that the IDM integration module is among the installed extensions.

For Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox menu icon in the top right corner of the window.
  • Select Add-ons from the context menu and confirm that the IDM integration module is among the installed extensions

If the IDM integration module isn’t listed in the extensions section, read about how to integrate IDM into Google Chrome.

Visit TodayTvSeries2 at todaytvseries2.com

From the site, click on the search icon in the top right corner.

In most cases, it opens a new browser tab which you have to close and click the icon once again.

Locate and open the tv series from the search results.

Todaytvseries provides separated downloads from each episode.

At the required episode, click on the download button. It usually opens a new tab where the download link is generated from.

This tab may contain ads and most of the time there a countdown is displayed before the download link is made visible. When the countdown stops a button is displayed with either Continue, Get Link or something similar.

An example of the tab opened with a countdown timer can be seen below

Linkshrink tab
linkshrink tab
countdown timer

Click on the appropriate button when the countdown stops. The download will be captured by IDM and a confirmation dialog will be displayed.

If the download doesn’t start automatically, click on the button again.

Then, of course, you should wait for the download to complete, except if you have a problem with it.

Download multiple episodes with the same download link

This is my favorite hack on Todaytvseries2.

For instance, if you’re downloading episode one from Black-ish’s season 2, once you get through the hassle of getting one download link, you’re done.

You can get all the other episodes by merely changing the download link to point to the preferred episode.

Let me show you how you can play around with these links.

So let’s say I have downloaded episode one from Flash’s season 5, and that its download link is http://transfer.parsaspace.com/ungjwcgiq2g7o2hlh8902wefskiuewfiliy792ft8guiohvwe/The.F.S.S05E01.rar. When you look at this link you’ll observe S05E01 which describes the season and episode number and with this, you can download any Flash episode by just changing these numbers.

For example, if the link to episode one of Black-ish’s season 5 is http://ndremv2.parsaspace.com/ybfjv39o0hervjh390wihrog8gth56e4tnry93h4g0h03gihobgt/BLKSH51.rar, you’ll notice that the name is BLJSH51, a little different pattern from what we saw at first. But again this explains the “5” for the season and the “1” for the episode.

You can then place the download link in either IDM or web browser and enjoy life.


Todaytvseries2 provides almost all the latest tv series, but in case there is the one you can’t then I recommend you check out another great website that also provides series for free called o2tvseries.

To increase your space for choice, check out these 30 websites where you can stream all kinds of movies. If you have any concerns, feel free to add a comment in the comment section, cheers.

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