How to make custom stickers on Whatsapp

Stickers are pictures that allow users to express themselves more clearly in scenarios where text cannot. Most of the time text messages are used to describe a specific point but stickers add a more functionality of expressing feelings and real actions that almost imitate a video chat.

So instead of writing “kiss” to my girlfriend, I could send a custom sticker on WhatsApp expressing the action which feels a bit more emotional.

Stickers were first introduced in Line. The concept then became more and more popular with more applications using it including Facebook’s main app, Messenger, Snapchat and many others. In 2018 Whatsapp launched stickers as well.

However, instead of having a library of stickers provided exclusively by Whatsapp, The feature also allows external companies and individuals to develop sticker apps and easily integrate them in WhatsApp. This was a great move because it allowed users to have a wide range of choices.

And for that case, Whatsapp doesn’t itself have a feature to allow you to create custom stickers but it allows you to send custom stickers made from a third-party application.

How to make custom stickers on WhatsApp with sticker maker

Sticker maker allows you to create and send your own custom stickers on Whatsapp. The mobile application is available in both the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

The following steps explain how to make custom stickers on Whatsapp using sticker maker.

Create a sticker pack

Before creating any stickers in Sticker Maker, you’ll need to first create a stickerpack. Stickerpacks act as categories for your stickers. For example, you could have a celebration sticker pack that contains stickers like balloons, cakes, and any other celebration stickers.

To create a stickerpack, click on the Create a new stickerpack label on the application’s homepage.

create a stickerpack

Give your stickerpack a name and name of the author.

name stickerpack and author

The created stickerpack will appear in the list of the available stickerpacks on the application homepage.

Create and add stickers to the stickerpack.

Click on your stickerpack.

select stickerpack

Each stickerpack is required to have an icon apart from its contents and this can be added by clicking on the tray icon tile located at the very top.

add custom stickers to stickerpack

Clicking on any of the tiles that allows you to create a sticker and opens a set of options on how to complete the task.

Select Take Photo if you want to create a sticker from a live photo that you’ll take, Open Gallery if the image you intend to create a sticker from is in your gallery and finally, Select File to choose an image from the file manager/explorer.

selecting an image

You can use a whole image as a sticker or you can just use a specific part of it.

To use the whole image, just click on the select all label.

It gets a little bit tricky if you only want a specific part of the image to be the sticker.

This is accomplished by drawing an outline with your finger to select the part of the image to appear in the sticker.

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I encourage zooming the image to better draw the outline accurately.

After drawing the outline, the selected part is kept as the sticker which you can then save.

The ADD TEXT label allows you to add a text to the sticker while the OUTLINE label allows you to add some sort of border to the sticker which I find good at cleaning out the inaccurately drawn lines.

Sharing stickers on Whatsapp

After adding stickers to your stickerpack, click on the Add to Whatsapp label in the bottom right corner of the stickerpack.

Access the stickerpack from within Whatsapp in the following steps.

Open the WhatsApp emojis while attempting to type a WhatsApp message.

Click on the sticker icon at the bottom of the emojis.

Navigate to your stickerpack by clicking on its icon that you created.

share sticker on whatsapp

Select and share a sticker on WhatsApp.

You can repeat the procedure to add as many stickerpacks as you wish into Whatsapp.


I hope this helped you create custom stickers to share on WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows application developers to create applications that add stickers to WhatsApp and therefore Sticker Maker is not the only application doing this. Feel free to share in comments some of the other applications that create cool stickers.

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